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After the flood disaster, have you finished applying for the following?

 Hisai/Risai Disaster Certificates

□ Donation Fund (Gienkin, Mimaikin)

 Disaster Recovery Support Fund

□ Emergency Housing Repair

 Exemption of Insurances


① Disaster Affected Housing Certificate (Risai-Syomei)

For persons who applied for the Disaster Affected Housing Certificate (Risai-syomei), please make sure to check the judgment of the housing damage on the certificate you have received. This is the primary judgment by a city investigator by checking the exterior of the house. In the case of flood damage, one criteria for judging whether the house has been partially or severely destroyed is whether the water level has reached one meter above the floor, but other criteria can also be taken into consideration. If you in doubt or are not satisfied with the judgment of damage you have received on the certificate, you can apply for a secondary judgment to have the interior checked also. After the secondary judgement, it is possible to get a different result.The Disaster Affected Housing Certificate (Risai Syomei) relates to various support and it is very important. If you have not applied yet, please apply as soon as possible.



② 1.Relief system for disaster victims (for those who have completely destroyed house or severely damaged house)

・The amount of payment supplied by this system is the total amount of the basic support paid according to the degree of damage to the house and the additional support paid by the way of housing reconstruction (in the case of single households the amount is 3/4 of the indicated price below).


2. Assistance payment program for flood victims in Joso for livelihood rehabilitation (for those who have a partially destroyed, hankai, house)

As a special measure, the government has started an assistance payment program for those who are not supported by the livelihood rehabilitation program for disaster victims. Application documents will be sent by mail to those who can apply.

Multiple households: 250,000 yen each

Single households: 187,500 yen each



③  Emergency Housing Repair

Emergency Housing Repair is a support system under which the city government gives financial support (maximum: 567,000 yen) to victims whose houses are judged as being severely damaged or partly destroyed by the government, The income limitation was removed.



④  Grant from City of Joso for flood victims (Mimaikin)

City of Joso has decided to spend 50,000 yen each for those who have a completely destroyed, zenkai, house, as well as 30,000 yen each for those who have a severely destroyed, daikibo hankai, house and those who have a partially destroyed, hankai, house, in accordance with the criteria set by the national government. A detailed instruction has been mailed in between the end of October and November by City of Joso to those who can apply.

-Households who have a completely destroyed, zenkai, house: 50,000 yen each

-Households who have a severely destroyed, daikibo hankai, house and those who have a partially destroyed, hankai, house: 30,000 yen each

-Households who have a house where the water went up above the floor, yukaue shinsui: 20,000 yen each



⑤ Insurances premium will be exempt.

If you received “a disaster afflicted housing certificate” issued by the local government and submitted an application for the exemption, your national health insurance premium will be exempt. Fill in the application and submit it to the help desk of the local government or send it by the enclosed self-addressed envelope. A full exemption is for the level of "completely destroyed" and a half exemption is for the levels of "partially destroyed" and "severely destroyed". In addition, if your household income could be less than that of 2014, you might get the exemption under any damage level. Please ask the help desk of the Health Insurance Department of the local government.


※Finally, the latter stage elderly health care system premium, the nursing-care insurance premium and the national pension premium might be partially or totally exempt, depending on the level of the damage. More information: please ask the local government's desk